Live the experience of flying by helicopter and get to know El Canal and Panama City from the sky.

Tour the city by helicopter from 1 to 3 passengers with panoramic windows and discover the majestic Panama Canal from the sky.


Observe the modernity of the city, its skyscrapers and modern buildings and have a spectacular contrast with the historic area of ​​Panama, its old town and the ruins of Panama Viejo from a privileged point of view on the heights.

Experience flying over the sea and the nearby cities and the boats around.

We will fly in a Robinson helicopter with panoramic windows to enjoy the best view and make the most of your adventure.

We will have an average speed of 160 km / h on our route to allow you to fully enjoy the city’s landscapes.

Enjoy our VIP lounge with drinks, high speed WIFI, TV for a few minutes before boarding the aircraft.

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